• Tax due diligence

    Tax due diligence aims is identifying potential tax risks within the target company, more specifically risks associated with income tax, Value Added Tax, tax and contributions associated with labor contracts, motor vehicle tax, property taxes, excise duties and other specific taxes.
  • Financial due diligence

    Financial due diligence consists of investigation of the risks associated with financial operations and position of the target company. In this case the potential buyer is primarily interested in the risks associated to the cash flows generated by the target company, the nature and stability of revenues, potential excessive expenditures and nature of resources of the target company, nature of the liabilities and assets and potential hidden reserves.
  • Legal due diligence

    Legal due diligence services are used to detect the risks associated with legal matters associated with the target company. The review covers broad range of legal matters and contracts such as corporate act, purchase contracts, financing contracts, labor contracts and collective agreements, land registry matters and compliance with specific regulatory requirements such as. environmental requirements.
  • Other transaction services

    Among other due diligence services the most common one is business due diligence. Business due diligence review consists of identification of the risks associated with the business model of the target company and its operations. It also helps identifying operational risks of the target company and identifying potential risks associated with the integration of the target company into buyer's company or group.
    For specific customer needs specific due diligence can be carried out, which are mostly limited to parts of the due diligence services above (for example due diligence of compliance with contractual provisions).

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