• General Tax Advisory

    General tax advisory is intended to ensure the accuracy and compliance of business activities with the tax laws. The expert opinion is aimed at achieving the most favorable tax outcomes with regard to the specific circumstances of the individual case or in the context of tax planning. The expert opinions with high added value are based on years of experience in the field of tax advisory and within the practice of the tax authorities.General tax advisory refers to the direct and the indirect taxes as well as the social contributions.
  • Tax Review

    The depth review of already existing set of transactions as well as planned with the aim of verifying compliance with tax laws has mainly a protective function against unexpected tax consequences. We would especially like to emphasize that such review contains professional qualifications both in the tax, as well as in the legal field, which provides a comprehensive assessment of compliance with the current corporate, civil law and tax legislation and the assistance to the structuring and implementation of practical measures to achieve the entire compliance with current legislation.
  • Transfer Pricing

    Slovenian tax legislation stipulates extensive requirements relating to the preparation of documentation on transfer pricing. Transactions between related parties should be defined properly and supported with data on its comparability, the properties of resources and services, contractual terms, invested assets, liabilities and risks involved related parties and the functional and economic analysis. All this documentation is intended to demonstrate that the chosen method of transfer pricing ensures appropriate pricing policy in the context of transfer pricing and in accordance with arm’s length principle. Tax advice may relate to assistance in the preparation of the entire mandatory documentation on transfer pricing or of its individual parts.
  • Tax procedure

    In the context of tax procedure the taxpayer is faced with a large number of issues related to his tax obligations and rights in communication with the tax authorities. Ever since the acquisition of the status of the taxpayer or tax resident, through the fulfillment of the obligations in the form of tax returns or applications to the tax assessment in the process of tax inspection, the concrete cases require a proper interpretation of tax legislation, which is also intended by our expert assistance. Years of experience in this area ensure our superior support, such as the consulting, as well as the representation before tax and judicial authorities in tax proceedings and tax disputes.

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