General overview

At TaskFin we are specialized in providing professional business valuation services to a broad range of clients and provide our clients with comprehensive, supportable business valuation services that meet relevant valuation standards.  

The company was established in 2014 and offers its services to clients in Slovenia and abroad.  

TaskFin's organizational structure together with experience in business valuations, allows us to provide excellent, supportable valuation services regardless of the type of valuation report requested and the size of the subject company. Depending on the needs of our clients and the purpose of the valuation, we can offer different types of valuation reports, ranging from an opinion letter to a full, comprehensive valuation report.

We pride ourselves in knowing that we can provide a flexible fee structure for our valuation services and adjustable delivery time for our clients. When providing business valuation services as independent advisors, TaskFin’s professionals adhere to the Hierarchy of valuation principles provided by the Slovene Institute of Auditors (SIR).  

Our main area of business are valuation services but our depth of knowledge of marketplace conditions in a broad range of industries together with the abilities of our qualified and experienced professional staff, enables us  to offer also a financial advisory, transaction services and tax and legal advisory to our clients.

Our team

Leon Živec

Leon Živec

Knowledge and experience:

Leon has more than 15 years of experience in auditing, due diligence, forensic audits and advisory services in Slovenia and other countries in Europe. Of these, 3 years working in London. Within his work, he was also reviewing the appraisal reports for companies and real estate. After graduating in economics, he obtained a diploma in Master of International Business - MIB and certification for certified auditor - ACCA. 

He is a member of an international group of ACCA and Slovenian institute of auditors.

Valter Nemec,

Knowledge and experience:

In his more than 17 year’s career Valter has acquired, extensive experience in the field of corporate finance and corporate governance. Since 2002 when he obtained a master's degree in the field of valuation he was involved in many project in the field of business valuation, startup valuation , acquisitions and sales of companies , due diligences and corporate restructurings. 

He is a Certified Business Appraiser with license from Slovenian Institute of Auditors.

Why choose us?

At Task Fin we give to our services apersonal touch that larger firms are sometimes unable to give. We pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible and professional but at the same time accessible to our clients. 
We give the most personal attention possible to each of our clients!