Valuation is our core competency. It is the basis for all the services that we offer, including:

valuations of businesses, intangible assets, projects, start up companies and
real estate valuation.

We provide services as independent financial advisors or as financial advisors we represent clients in a variety of situations.

At Task Fin valuations are performed by certified appraisers, licensed by Slovenian Institute of Auditors, experienced in all aspects of valuation. Our valuations are performed in compliance with Hierarchy of valuation principles provided by the Slovene Institute of Auditors (SIR).

Financial Advisory

Organizations often face demanding financial decisions and situations requiring expertise that's outside the realm of their internal resources – resources that may already be stretched thin. At  Task fin we deliver the specialized, objective financial advice you need to clearly understand your options, opportunities and exposures. 

Our Financial Advisory services cover folowing areas:

business plan and financial modeling – financial projections and budgets,
feasibility studies,
independent business review (IBR),
business and financial restructuring plan.

We also deliver tailor-made advice in the field of corporate finance.

Transaction services

Due diligence is a service provided by means of obtaining information, their verification and analytical processing in order to Familiarize interested party with the company's operations and it’s business, financial, legal, tax and other risks that have effect on the acquisition, sale, merger or privatization of the target company.

Due diligence can be carried out on behalf of the buyer (buy side due diligence) or seller (sell side due diligence). Most due diligence services are used as the basis in the process of preparation – estimation of the target company market value. Due diligence reduces the risk of negative surprises in the purchase, sale or merger process. At Taskfin we offer a complete service, from due diligence during the examination phase of operations of the target company as well as the assessment of the value in the pre-phase of negotiations.

Due diligence can be performed on the part of the company's operations in the event of disinvestment or sell of a division of the company.

Due diligence can be divided into financial due diligence, tax due diligence, legal due diligence and business due diligence. In Taskfin, with the help of our experts, we offer a full due diligence or specific part of due diligence.

Current contributions

Why choose us?

At Task Fin we give to our services apersonal touch that larger firms are sometimes unable to give. We pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible and professional but at the same time accessible to our clients. 
We give the most personal attention possible to each of our clients!